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Log in to Asure
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Log in to Asure 

To log in to Asure please follow the steps below. 

The system works with Pop-Ups, before you start make sure your browser allows pop-ups. -> For this go to your browser settings and allow this option. 

  1.  Use the following link: 

Login - 

1. Definitions (a) "Licensed Software" shall mean Asure Online Web Personnel Role, Asure Online Web PayrollHR Role, Asure Online Web Employee Role, Asure Online Web Manager Role, and/or Asure Online Custom Roles. The Licensed Software shall only include software designed for the purpose of entering, processing, and reporting of Human Resource and payroll data and directly related processing ... 


  1.  Under “Employee”, use your MIU email or your employee number 
    2.1 Update roles and make sure the role is "Employee Role" 

  1.  Enter your password. (If you forgot your password, you can use the " Forgot Password" button.) 

  1.  Click in the box of accept terms and conditions  

  1.  Click "Login" 


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